Comic for Wednesday, Jun 12, 2002


Posted June 12, 2002 at 1:00 am

- Whoops indeed! Though it's strange that that comic I just linked has two blank panels where absolutely nothing happened. Weird.

One might find it odd that Elliot's only concern here is the fact that Sarah's about to come over, but pro-tip: Elliot mostly takes this sort of thing in stride, and there's possible there are good reasons for that. One such reason is as follows: He's Elliot.

This is one aspect of Female Variant #5 that I introduced thinking "that's cool" for various reasons, one of which I'm going to list later because it wound up NOT BEING APPLICABLE WHATSOEVER. So, yeah. One of the big reasons I thought what Tedd is referring to right now was a good idea never came into play on account of the fact that not everything I think of winds up in my stories.

Of course, if I included EVERYTHING, nothing would ever get done. Seriously, I edit out a lot of stuff, and yet there's still good reason some people won't believe me when I say that.
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