Comic for Thursday, May 23, 2002


Posted May 23, 2002 at 1:00 am

It's really not THAT obvious. I'm not nitpicking my early writing by pointing that out, as being overly precise and specific can be horrible for pacing and people tend not be that precise about things anyway, but it really isn't. I can navigate my home at night in total darkness even without night vision or glasses with very few bumping into of things, and I could probably move quickly through a hallway alright if I really needed to.

There's nothing wrong with Grace concluding that Tedd doesn't need them because she was having a nightmare and Tedd presumably made haste to her side without difficulty. It just means it's not as obvious as she thinks it is based on the evidence she has. Characters are allowed to have misconceptions, too, ya know.

They're also allowed poor grammar! Might "have" noticed, Tedd! YEESH!

I poke fun at my old artwork and cringe at times, but the entire character trait of Tedd being androgynous and mistaken for a girl is the result of people actually mistaking him for one based on my drawings, and it is such an important character trait for him. It's a pretty huge silver lining to my early drawings.

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