Comic for Wednesday, May 15, 2002


Posted May 15, 2002 at 1:00 am

Oh, I remember this being a fun comic to draw, and a fun form to design. Granted, this is cheating like crazy, as the morph should be instant, and I don't know why it's going "boom", and the TF gun doesn't push people like that, BUT WHATEVER! Fun zappy form. And they REALLY should have seen that shirt ripping coming. And I'm also wondering why she's wearing that in winter...

ANYWAY! Something I'm not sure I've ever quite gotten right when drawing the transformation beam is that it's supposed to look like a beam surrounded by a ribbon, and I've always imagined the ribbon rapidly wrapping around the target and vanishing to reveal the transformation results. At least, I think I always imagined it that way. I either didn't imagine it working that way it, or I just wasn't sure how to go about drawing it.

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