Comic for Monday, Feb 4, 2002


Posted February 4, 2002 at 1:00 am

I don’t… I mean… What do I even say about this?

Seriously, I was grasping at straws like “at least this confirms that Tedd actually has a mouth”, but no, he opened it in earlier comics. All this comic does is very clearly imply that Tedd was in the girls locker room. How did he even get in there? Don’t they lock the doors after school?

Come to think of it, how many people are still in the school while this is going on? Do all the teachers at Moperville North immediately drop everything and flee the building once the final bell rings? That might explain why that locker room door was unlocked, at least.

I’m guessing there’s at least a custodian present, but that they took one look at the mess the goo was causing and said “nope”.

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