Comic for Saturday, Feb 2, 2002


Posted February 2, 2002 at 1:00 am

This is what it looks like when past me wanted to have something cool happen in a big Sunday comic but had another day to fill, so he filled it with something. One might even call it “padding”.

What? No, there most certainly is not a more fitting and clever word for it. That’s impossible.

Seriously, though, what do I even say about filler like this? I mean, it’s sort of cute, what with Elliot and that sign, there…

Oh! The betting! Okay, I don’t encourage this, but I know for a fact that people have placed bets on what’s going to happen in upcoming comics! I tend to discourage this, but it’s really not necessary. Most bets are based on A or B happening, and I tend to fling C’s and D’s at people.

…Wait, that sounds like I’m underachieving. CURSE YOU, STANDARDIZED GRADING SYSTEM! And curse standardized testing. Seriously.

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