Comic for Tuesday, Jul 8, 2014


Posted July 8, 2014 at 1:11 am

I promise not to start every commentary with Patreon Campaign stuff, but I've gotta bring it up in this one because HOLY SNAP! It's already looking like there's a good chance that EGS:NP is going to be updating three times a week next month! The Wednesday and Friday milestone has already been reached and the campaign's less than a week old.

This is beyond my wildest expectations and I am very thankful to everyone. I look forward to booting the gods of curling off the EGS:NP front page. And now, the regular commentary!

- Tedd's personal discover which I'm sure you've all forgotten about

Sarah? Sarah, listen. You need to start wearing glasses. Yes, I know you don't need them, but it's entirely possible you're going to suddenly become nearsighted. For REASONS.

I'll find an excuse. Heck, I could find an excuse even if this wasn't a comic full of magic and pseudo science.

Or not. I dunno. My point is,I think she loks good in them.

As for Tedd's situation, well, Sarah has a cute outfit. Maybe swap?