Comic for Monday, Jul 1, 2013


Posted July 1, 2013 at 1:00 am
- Failure to contact Tedd's Dad when Hedge took Elliot
- To be fair, they were able to contact him when the evil monkey showed up

Nanase's sort of pointing out the obvious in panel six, isn't she? I mean, assuming one knows that "lord" is gender specific, which I suppose not everyone does. I'm not sure if Ellen knew... No, scratch that. Both she and Elliot have a fondness for a romanticized interpretation of knights. They'd have at least some familiarity with such titles. The significance of that just didn't occur to her here.

And yes, that bit about Ellen did just occur to me as I was writing this commentary. It's helpful to ponder these things! Helps me get to know the characters better.

Anyway, give yourself a cookie or two if you reached the punch or the male bad guy conclusions prior to this comic. Don't worry, go ahead. Even if it turns out Charlotte's mistaken, it's cookie time.