Comic for Friday, Mar 29, 2013


Posted March 29, 2013 at 1:00 am
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I'm just going to let people reach their own conclusions about what movies they're discussing in this comic. Well, except for panel four's movie. I've already talked about what inspired that in the commentary for the comic following the one I linked above.

This comic's composition managed to be simple while being full of complications. Panels one through five are like panels within panels (panel-ception?), and I needed at least some variety between the outer panels so that one wouldn't confuse the inner panels for continuations of the review from the previous panel, except in the last panel where it is a continuation of panel five's review, and...

And I've confused myself. I'm not even sure where I am anymore or what I'm commenting on. I guess I'm at a panel? And it's inside another panel? Why would you have a panel within a panel? If you have two different subjects to talk about at a convention gathering, you should probably keep them separate. Whatever. I'm going to the food court.