Comic for Wednesday, Sep 17, 2003


Posted September 17, 2003 at 1:00 am
It’s entirely possible William and Gillian don’t know a lot about programming and don’t have the exact details regarding this correct. I stand by my thinly veiled “separation of church and state is rad” opinion, however, even if by “thinly veiled” I mean “obvious sledgehammer”.
For any knowledgeable programmers out there, I’m sorry. For anyone who’s NOT knowledgeable about it, everything about this is incredibly clever and handsome.
In all seriousness, what they’re talking about would reduce redundancies and such, but it’s absurd that they wouldn’t be using something like that for something this complex anyway. Well, this is a comedy... An alien wizard did and technobabble technobabble that’s why this device is special huzzah.