Comic for Tuesday, Sep 16, 2003


Posted September 16, 2003 at 1:00 am
My god. Past me drew those backgrounds without any 3D assistance. He used a ruler and basic shortcuts regarding perspective. What a renegade.
I, uh, was studying programming at the time.  I was learning about stuff and figured “I know exactly the right amount to put something clever into the comic!”
There may be a reckoning—er, a retconning someday regarding certain aspects of where I go with this.
Oh hey, Mr. Verres specifically says their hair is the result of transformation. I guess Mr. Guyur made a conscious decision to have a balding hair pattern? Eh, it’s entirely possible he thought it looked cool. Or maybe Uruoms normally have hair limited to what we would consider Captain Picard-ish? I should probably figure that out once and for all.