Comic for Wednesday, Dec 25, 2002


Posted December 25, 2002 at 1:00 am

 Because you're a spooky guy whose job it is to cover up stuff? Wait, maybe that's why he's so obsessed with Grace wearing a shirt.

Rememeber Susan, not ALL Elliots are insensitive jerks. I mean, I'm sure plenty of Elliots are. Most of them, probably. But not THIS Elliot! Sure, he's a tad stupid at times, and thinks running while carrying his friend is an efficient means of travel, but--No, I will NOT let that go!

I'd like to think I'd manage to get Elliot to fit in the fourth panel these days, but then... Yeah, I'm not sure how I determined how much space I needed for text back then. This was before I did everything on the computer, and while I did used to print out templates with the text already in place, I'm pretty sure this predates that. That could explain a lot of issues I had with composition, actually. It's difficult to plan if you don't actually know how much room you need for text AND you're still getting the hang of editing dialogue.

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