Comic for Monday, Apr 23, 2018


Posted April 23, 2018 at 1:00 am

There was zero chance of me drawing it in any case, but at least this way it's confirmed as a thing happening.


The most common genre of TV shows I watch is mystery shows. Their mysteries, and how they must be solved, come in many forms.

For example, one show might primarily focus on motives and the why of the crimes, while another could be big on the hard evidence and forensics. Most shows will have a mix of these things, of course, but odds are some aspect of the mysteries will feel like it has the main focus.

For the anime Case Closed (also known as Detective Conan), it is most commonly a case of "how did they do it". Even when the culprit isn't known, the key to solving the mystery is usually how the heck they managed to pull off the murder, for odds are good it was done in some convoluted way intended to give the murderer an alibi, and sorting out how it was done will, ironically, narrow it down to the actual suspect(s).

The "how", quite often, involves rope, or rope-like things. In one story, there were multiple suspects, and the items they had on them were listed. I successfully chose the right suspect based purely on them having a rope-like item without even being sure how they might have used it.

Rope. Don't trust it. Especially not ropes in the first Legend of Zelda game, because that's what they called enemy snakes for some reason.