Comic for Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018


Posted April 25, 2018 at 11:31 pm

I had a bit of trouble deciding what all I wanted to do next, which seems like something I've been typing a lot lately for EGS:NP.

What I've ultimately decided is to not complicate things any further, finish things up with hanma, and sort of have a montage of their little TF rampage to wrap things up. I want to show some of it, but this really could go on for months if I let it, and I want to other storylines and characters for EGS:NP.

Between Sister 3 and Goonmanji 2, there have been characters who haven't gotten to do anything for way too long, and I want to wrap this up. I probably should have done that shortly after the game ended, but I didn't feel confident in what to do after it.

I kept having more ideas for it that were convenient to go with, and I genuinely liked expanding on what the wand could do, making it a part of non-canon canon, and exploring Susan's character a bit.

At this point, though... Yeah. Say goodbye to Hanma (for now), bit of a montage showing characters who weren't playing in forms form the game, and then give other characters a chance to really do stuff.

Half the purpose of EGS:NP is to let characters who aren't part of the main story at the moment get panel time, and I need to keep that in mind going forward (and maybe not have 100+ comic EGS:NP storylines).

Not that I haven't liked Goonmanji 2, but... Yeah. Grace is getting cabin fever at this point, and I'm afraid she's going to destroy everything if Justin and Nanase don't beat her to it o_o