Comic for Saturday, Aug 12, 2023


Posted August 12, 2023 at 12:00 am

Only one comic left! And then, an EGSNP break.

I'm not sure how long of a break, as my writing focus has been on the main story, and I still need to decide on what's next in EGSNP. I might need to make it a "I will announce it on the main page when EGSNP is returning" thing.

Grey borders

Grey, rounded borders are meant to imply a fantasy or flashback, so one might wonder why I didn't have them in the previous comic.

The reason is because I wanted that moment of "wait, what?" for everyone to experience, and the grey, rounded borders would've given the game away too quickly.

They are a tool of communication, and I did not want to communicate that yet.

Choosing a Female Character

I originally planned to show that George was playing a female character in one of his games, but I found properly showing that awkward (especially without having previously established visuals for the game, which would have revealed the character early).

MUCH later, when I came up with George fantasizing about having the Cheerleadra ability, I liked it a lot more.

Darker Hair

I made George-leadra's hair darker for four reasons. 

One, Elliot started making Cheerleadra's hair lighter after the first incident.

Two, George is thinking about how great a disguise it is, but I wanted the hairstyle to remain recognizable, so a change in hair (and eye) color seemed like a good compromise.

Three, I prefer the contrast with the outfit that resulted.

Four, I don't like hair universally turning lighter with power ups, so I liked making it darker this time.