Comic for Thursday, Aug 3, 2023


Posted August 3, 2023 at 12:00 am

- The whole George thinks Ellen is Elliot thing

There were several reasons not to predict this happening. Genuinely, by what logic would this happen?

There was also, however, EVERY reason to predict this would happen!

You see, your cartoonist, me self, was in a difficult position. George definitely had to see Elliot before this was over!

But this presented a problem. As much as I don't mind people successfully guessing something will happen, this was a little too obvious. It was also less in-universe logic, and more meta-nonsense, as Elliot had no reason in-universe to show up.

He likes plenty of people at the comic shop, but he hangs out with them away from it. What's more, it's relatively late in the day. Late enough for me to have to approximately figure out how directional shadows work. An odd time to show up even if he did like hanging out there.

Something incredibly contrived would have to happen to justify Elliot showing up to the uproarious applause of the live studio audience.

So no. Elliot does not walk into the comic shop, nor is he miraculously at the fast food place next to the building the comic shop is in.

Cheerleadra's totally going to fly past the shop, however, BUT FOR WHY?!

NEXT TIME: The answer.