Comic for Thursday, Jul 13, 2023


Posted July 13, 2023 at 12:24 am

I'm pushing the next EGSNP to Thursday, July 20th. I want to wrap this storyline up properly, and I find I need to make a couple of decisions on how exactly I want to do that.

I'm also behind on sleep, which is a factor in this decision.

I'm sorry about the delay, but I'm this close to just ending this on... Um... Wait, I can't even come up with a terrible ending for a joke example? I really am behind on sleep.


I'm shocked that Ellen doesn't know what that thing was.

She clearly presented it as a very vague thing that no one was actually able to see, thereby suggesting she had a very clear idea in mind of what it was.

In fact, it was so clearly suggested that Ellen knew what it was that this claim that she doesn't know what it was must be a desperate attempt at retroactive continuity.

Perhaps the original idea the author had no longer sits well with them, and they're attempting to backpedal on it with all the grace of a hippo on a unicycle.

Though, on reflection, that is a poor example. A hippo on a unicycle would have to be very graceful, for the hippo would have to be able to get on the unicycle in the first place. That alone would be an impressive feat, and any amount of control would be absolutely Olympian in so far as hippo athleticism is to be concerned.

Hippo athleticism aside, I intend to express my displeasure to the author at length in writing.

Given that I myself am the author, this will take the form of writing a journal, and should be a delightful and fulfilling experience.