Comic for Thursday, Jul 6, 2023


Posted July 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

Ellen was THIS CLOSE to admitting this in the previous comic before getting interrupted by George.

Amateurish Mining

Some miner reading this is going to be appalled by their pickaxe form. Genuinely, you risk hitting yourself in so many ways with their form.

I actually played Skyrim to get a bit of reference. I ran into a mine, shot arrows at what I hope were bandits, and observed the animation used for mining with a pickaxe. The axe is off to the side with the dominant hand, and swung in a way that won't result in too much regret if you swing harder than you should.

A video game might not be the most accurate of reference, but given what I saw wouldn't result in you accidentally pickaxing yourself, whereas what I drew could, I'm saying Skyrim has the high ground.

The reason I decided to go with inaccurate, amateurish swinging was because I wanted them to all be comically swinging next to each other in a way that fit well in a panel.

On that note, don't swing axes of any kind while that close together.

Actually, don't base ANY of your axe-swinging methods on anything read in a comic.