Comic for Thursday, Jun 8, 2023


Posted June 8, 2023 at 12:00 am

I could have skipped this comic, and it would have been okay. We'll get to see Ellen's feelings in the next comic, and it could be argued that this comic will be made redundant.

HOWEVER! I didn't want to just have Ellen's feelings in text. I wanted to show a relevant example of why she feels the way she does using her own memories for context.

I also wanted to show Ellen having memories of being Elliot, because Ellen has those, and that's relevant to this entire storyline.

So if Editor Dan showed up, and told me that this storyline couldn't go over 151 comics (for it is naught but hubris to go above the original Pokémon count), and something HAD to be cut, this comic would've been an option.

Since Editor Dan did NOT do that, however, HERE IT IS.