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Posted October 8, 2022 at 12:00 am

All consistent with traditional rogues.

They HATE stairs.

Wait a minute

For anyone who is unfamiliar with ninety-five percent of modern anime, the implication here is that Nanase's character isn't from the same world as the others, and wound up "reincarnated" in another world after an incident involving stairs.

Reincarnated in quotes because the implication is she suddenly appeared there as an adult, and wasn't actually reborn, so the term is being used loosely.

I don't consider this a massive spoiler. I expect the majority of EGS readers are familiar with this concept, and will immediately know what's up. I don't assume everyone is familiar with everything, however, so I felt I should comment on it here.

It will be addressed in-comic eventually, but given my expectation of most, but not all, readers being familiar with the concept, it would feel exclusionary to me to not point it out here.


"Isekai" basically means "another world" in Japanese, and can be used on it's own to refer to a story that involves the protagonist(s) going to another reality. It's a common enough trope in Japanese light novels, comics, and animation that isekai is considered a subgenre.

Which is NOT why Nanase's character is the one getting isekai'd.

Nanase was chosen because I love the idea of a player unfamiliar with the game they're playing compensating by playing as an isekai protagonist, and it made sense to me that Nanase wouldn't be familiar with the game.

Also, I just really like a lot of isekai concepts, and in particular the idea of reincarnation isekai (though I prefer that the character is ACTUALLY reincarnated, and doesn't just reappear in another world).

My favorite isekai is My Next Life As a Villainess.

Where's the truck?!

The more common trope for someone reincarnating in another world that gets joked about involves a truck, but there aren't trucks in the game world.

I wanted something that would remain relevant in the new world, and there remains plenty of need to ascend and descend into various places.