Comic for Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022


Posted October 4, 2022 at 12:00 am

I imagine there are many things people want to do, but are hesitant to do if someone else doesn't do it first.


"Charisma doesn't HAVE to work that way, and there's several arguments to be had that it shouldn't, but sure, why not."

A bit bold of Larry to ask like that, but Ellen's cool with it.

I originally had Larry say his Charisma was eighteen, a number based on the versions of Dungeons And Dragons I'm familiar with.

Remembering that this is most definitely some other unnamed game that simply has similarities to it, and that eighteen wouldn't mean anything to some readers, however, I reworded it.

Speaking of the significance, stat numbers came from rolling three six-sided dice (if doing it randomly). Three sixes equals eighteen, so it was the highest a starting stat could be before any bonuses were applied.