Comic for Saturday, Sep 24, 2022


Posted September 24, 2022 at 12:00 am

YOU'RE WELCOME, readers who would've gotten confused by four new names.

Also, you're welcome, ME, who didn't want to keep track of those, either.


I felt it made sense for George and Nanase to be closest to Ellen. Since George is assisting with rules, he wound up on Ellen's right side to be Ellen’s right-hand man.

And since Rich is was too nervous to sit next to Nanase, and I didn’t want him overly distracted due to Nanase proximity, he’s in the chair furthest from Nanase.

That's how I decided on the seating arrangement. Will I regret this later based purely on who talks to whom when? It's possible, but I'll stand by it in any case because the in-universe logic is more important than panel layouts.

In theory, anyway.

Apologies in advance, future me.