Comic for Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022


Posted September 20, 2022 at 12:00 am

That's quite the assumption, Rich. You're literally in a story written by someone who mostly knows about these types of players second-hand.

I didn't think of Nanase acting too familiar with RPG player types before I started work on the previous comic, but I did think of that while working on it. Nanase was showing an odd familiarity with Table Top RPG players without being a player, or an observer of others players.

This took less than a second to resolve, because obvious Justin-based solution is obvious (plus she's hung out in the comic shop a lot, could have observed it at some point).

To everyone who noted this issue after the previous comic, however, yes, I was aware of it before I shared it.

I mean, just BARELY aware of it beforehand, but still! It counts!

I'm also really happy it's turned out this way, because I've decided I enjoy Nanase's legend growing for all the wrong reasons.