Comic for Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022


Posted September 13, 2022 at 12:00 am

I'd originally planned for Nanase to simply walk over to Rich, and start talking without any narration.

After the previous comic, however, I realized that I only had an idea in my head about what made Nanase exceptional in Rich's mind, and separate from Ellen, and I hadn't shared it with the rest of the class.

Basically, Nanase gives off the impression of being "cool and in charge" to a lot of people, and not much else.

People who don't know her that well, they, ah...

They fill in some blanks.

Projection like this is something I enjoy exploring, because I feel like it happens with me. Not because I'm cool and mysterious, but because I try to be polite, and listen more than talk in person. It's an easy combination to project onto.

I don't think anyone's assumed about me what's being assumed about Nanase, but hey, maybe they have.