Comic for Friday, Jul 1, 2022


Posted July 1, 2022 at 12:00 am

Everyone's favorite characters return! HOORAY!

This storyline has gotten me started on over-making backgrounds so that they're large and reusable, which encouraged Ellen's animation in the first panel. The visible background is but a fraction of a premade background I used in the previous comic. Fully zoomed out, 196 comic books would be visible, as would part of the checkout counter.

The background in the panels with Rich and Larry is nothing so elaborate. I'm all set up to make it something so elaborate, but I considered how much was actually visible in this comic, and decided "yeah, the reusable version of THAT can wait."

Meanwhile, it 100% made sense to put in the time on the backgrounds with rows and columns of comics, because ye gods, so many comics. Comics without titles or anything, but given I'm working alone of this and have deadlines, we're taking the minimalist approach, here.