Comic for Saturday, Apr 24, 2021


Posted April 24, 2021 at 12:00 am

Someone who makes a lot of snarky jokes has insecurities?


This wasn't technically asked, given that it's also not technically a question, but it's a view that had been expressed. It was also expressed about Luke and Larry, but their personalities have been more obviously explored during this. Rhea, meanwhile, has mostly had her emotional shields up, so I thought this slight glimpse beyond those shields might be interesting.

And if not, I think the drawings of her in this comic are neat, at least? No? Well, aren't YOU difficult to please, hypothetical person who exists only in my imagination!

The reality TV thing is inspired both by friends of mine and myself. I don't really watch reality TV (unless you count stuff like Mythbusters), but the way I'm wired, it doesn't take much for me to get invested in someone's success if I'm watching it for some reason.

Their goals don't have to be anything I particularly cared about, either. I would just be like "I am rooting for this person I know nothing about and their weird goals in life SO MUCH...!!!"

Anyway, much about Rhea and her friends are inspired by people I've known and been friends with, so I like the idea of her watching some nonsense like that, and I think it fits her personality well.