Comic for Thursday, Mar 25, 2021


Posted March 25, 2021 at 12:00 am

The original plan actually was for George to be an evil Luke, what with Luke being a super hero and such. Seemed appropriate. After I made the previous comic, however, I found myself lacking inspiration for an evil Luke costume that wouldn't just be a palette swap.

I also didn't want to wind up with another elaborate kitty costume to deal with (and wasn't sure what that would even be), so "evil" Larry won by default.

Which I did not expect to like! I didn't know what "evil" Larry-George was going to look like until I had to settle on something. All I knew was that I wanted an eye obscured, because voluntary lack of depth perception is, naturally, evil. From that starting point, however, I wound up with a design I really like, and there might have to be a character with a similar style at some point.