Comic for Tuesday, Jul 13, 2021


Posted July 13, 2021 at 12:44 am

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In retrospect, a storyline that so heavily comments on open world RPGs and ability balance would be incomplete without at least One-Punch Man reference (second panel references a very early moment in the series).

One-Punch Man is about a man who, dissatisfied with his life, trains to become a hero. He becomes too powerful, however, and is easily able to defeat any enemy with just one punch.

It is an exploration of mental health, depression, and the struggle to find satisfaction in one's work when it has become easy and routine.

Oh, and I guess it's also an extremely violent action comedy with a fair amount of content I don't care for while still managing to be a very impactful and beloved series to me personally.

As to why I say this series would be incomplete without referencing it, I'm far from the first to compare being overpowered in a videogame to feeling like One-Punch Man. It can be great in small doses, but if I get too powerful with a character in an RPG, I'm just done with that character, if not that entire game, pretty quickly.