Comic for Thursday, May 27, 2021


Posted May 27, 2021 at 12:00 am

This was posted late enough to be a Friday EGSNP, but I am boldly claiming it was a Thursday EGSNP, for I have no respect for clocks.

My honest assumption is that the word is fine, but I had that third panel thought while trying to figure out what the heck the third panel of this would be, and decided "yes. This is a way to conclude this comic."

I basically just had the first two panels in mind for the longest time.

Panel one: Sarah pops up, says "spiders", shocked Diane-a-chu face.

Panel two: Somewhat wordy explanation of how arachnophobia is a genuine issue with video games.

Panel three: ?????, profit


As I've mentioned a few times in EGS's history, phobias are irrational fears (either in regard to what they are or their severity), and a person can know perfectly well that they're irrational and still have them.

In short, it's not as simple as using logic to argue why one shouldn't be afraid, and there are some things that are more likely to be issues than others.

That doesn't mean people can't have spiders in games, but it is worth asking if it's worth have spiders in their games.