Comic for Thursday, May 20, 2021


Posted May 20, 2021 at 2:20 am

This was actually going to be the fourth comic in this series, but I decided to stick to the mid-game transformation stuff first.

Plus I was nervous about making Diane-a-chu look nifty, but let's go with the consistency of topic excuse.


Diane likes Mass Effect, and is fully on board with romance options in games.

I personally find romance options in games really off-putting, and will go out of my way to tell the majority of NPCs that I just want to be friends. If I don't, it's because they make turning them down feel bad (which really isn't a healthy basis for  a relationship, but whatever, it's a video game).

The existence of romance options in Mass Effect make me more hesitant than eager to play, though I'm pretty sure you don't HAVE to romance anyone? Though you can probably do it by accident, thus the CHALLENGE of staying single!

That said, if there are going to be romance options, I don't think who you can date should be restricted by player gender. Not being able to just means you won't get to romance an entirely fictional character in a video game based on your character build, which I think is silly.

I know some people will like that for whatever reason, and to THEM?!

Whatevs, it's subjective opinion.