Comic for Thursday, Dec 10, 2020


Posted December 10, 2020 at 12:56 am

- Ragnar the evil

We're now well outside what happens in the games being parodied, and yet somehow still commenting on them?

I'd praise myself for this tremendous feat of writing, but it's not that difficult when you're poking fun at something with a manipulate seer character who emanated "I am the actual main villain" energy, but basically remained vague up until the end, at which point they gave you three different wish options of varying morality.

Which was itself pretty evil. I mean, spoilers for an old game that's not widely available, I suppose, but your options were wishing for wealth (um, excuse me, I make that in an hour being a land lord?), bringing back to life everyone who built the villains fortress / wish device, or bringing certain NPCs close to the protagonist back.

Is there seriously NO WAY to combine those latter two wishes? None? It's a bunch of NPCs that we never saw, nor will ever see even if we revive them, or NPCs I care about, one of whom I won't get to see in the post-game even if I choose that option? Is there any lore to explain why... No? None? It's an arbitrary moral choice?

Are we 100% certain this isn't just the seer messing with me?