Comic for Saturday, Nov 21, 2020


Posted November 21, 2020 at 2:22 am

In the previous comic, I originally had a couple of dots on Grace's face that were reminiscent of Yin and Yang. As now mentioned in the previous comic's commentary, I decided to remove that, as it wasn't really necessary, perpetuated Yin and Yang equaling "good and evil" (incorrect), and really, it just looks better without the dots.

(I bring this up again mostly because someone might not have been aware of the change at the time of my first posting this).

I had considered a devil Vs angel squirrel, but nuts to that (genuinely no pun intended THAT JUST HAPPENED). I'm tired of leaning on other people's symbols!

We've got one squirrel that's aggressive, gives in to a lack of optimism, favors night and darkness, and is destructive. They've got spiky fur with a smoke from fire deal going on with their fur and eyes that billow smoke.

We've also got a squirrel that's (not usually) aggressive, favors day and light, is overall soft, and is constructive. Rounded clouds and sky dealie with the fur and glowing eyes.

AND YES, I've thought about if they were Pokémon. First would be Fire-Dark, second would be Water-Fairy. Which, unfortunately, isn't a fair matchup, as Fire is weak to Water, but that's how I sees them.

There are probably abilities and stats, etc, that could even out this matchup while keeping these types, but I just caught myself looking up abilities instead of finishing this commentary, so this is the part where I finish this sentence and walk away from thinking about it for now.