Comic for Saturday, Aug 29, 2020


Posted August 29, 2020 at 12:00 am

Oh, like I could pass up the chance to make a Chrono Trigger reference. And I guess a Mario World reference, what with the spin jump.

For anyone not aware, Chrono Trigger was a Super Nintendo RPG in which you could have up to three characters in your party at a time, and could do Single, Double, and Triple techniques, AKA "Techs".. For example, the scientist character could set the katana-guy's sword on fire as they spin around for the Double Tech "Fire Whirl".

I assure you, it makes perfect sense, as does the Double Tech in which the healer puts a healing spell on the katana, and the katana-guy spins around to heal everyone.

I assume katana-guy, AKA Crono, got dizzy a lot.