Comic for Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020


Posted July 14, 2020 at 12:00 am

Panel one references... Well, it could reference a lot of things, but let's say Skyrim.

Panel three references the Metal Gear Solid games, in which main character Snake hides, and feels quite safe, under large boxes. One might assume a box changing positions would be a dead giveaway, but as I've gone on about, change blindness is a thing. If someone doesn't see the box move, it might not register in their minds at all.

Granted, a guard specifically trained to spot anything suspicious, up to and including stationary objects, might be less susceptible to such a thing, so let's all just assume lazy, inattentive guards.

Panel four references some Assassin's Creed games in which you can blend right into a group of people walking by, which is a pretty neat idea, though I haven't played enough of them to know if it's fun times in practice.

Panel TWO, meanwhile, doesn't reference any stealth game I'm aware of, but instead references two other things. First is the game Shantae, 1/2 Genie Hero. Shantae crouches like that (only even more bendy), and moves while ducked by crawling.

This isn't for stealth, but rather because when people make a game starring a belly-dancing half-genie, these things happen.

Secondly is my own prior assertion that crouch walking is conspicuous nonsense much of the time, and that crawling would totally be a real things that one would need to do sometimes in stealth. Most of the time, this would mean being closer to the ground than Susan, but I was thinking a more elevated crawl could be faster while still being pretty stealthy under the right circumstances.

I am, however, a scientific person, and believe assertions should be tested.

My knees hate me now.

I can't tell you how fast one can move like that because, lacking knee pads, I almost immediately abandoned the experiment.

To be fair, my knees also hated me trying the crouch walk. Stealth is just bad for knees in general, I think.