Comic for Saturday, Jun 27, 2020


Posted June 27, 2020 at 12:00 am

I tried a version of this comic without the panting, AND IT WAS DEAFENINGLY SILENT. Have you ever seen an old sitcom without the laugh track? It was like that. A thing of nightmares that now burdens my soul.


Game Maker: "This game lets you be good and evil! It's like two stories for the price of one! Think of the replay potential!"

Player: "But I hate all the evil options and will never want to do them. I'm even lukewarm on some of the good ones. Honestly, I question the morality of some of its writers."

GM: "Well, you just need to expand your horizons to include terrible things you don't want to do and choices that other people think are good, but are morally dubious at best."

P: "Wait, you know they're morally dubious at best?"

GM: "Shades of Grey, player. Shades of Grey. Also, for five bucks, we'll put this character in a maid outfit."

P: "SOLD."

I'm not sure why I added that last bit. It's pretty tangential. I guess I just want maid outfits to be options in games?

For all adult characters of any gender, mind you. Also butler outfits, and mix-and-match butler-maid options.

And some sort of mascot costume! You HAVE to have a mascot costume! And there NEEDS to be physics on the head of the costume so it wobbles!

Anyway I don't do all the evil options in games okay bye