Comic for Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020


Posted June 16, 2020 at 12:04 am

And here we get to one reason why I didn't want to go the coliseum route. Grace might not be at the wheel, but we've still wound up with someone wanting more of a pacifist run.

Granted, someone wanting to get through a coliseum as a pacifist has all SORTS of potential, but I daresay I don't want to attempt it in EGSNP's strip style.

As for the goblin-like creatures, this references creatures called Hobbes in the Fable games. Fable 2 establishes the lore that they're former human kids, which is horrifying on its own, but made all the worse by the sheer number of them you fight. It's potentially in the hundreds. I'm not the only one out there with the headcanon that 's not the case for ALL of them, but frankly, one is too many.

Hair Hair Hair... Hair?

And now, something I should have gone over in the previous commentary.

I wanted Susan's "good" and "evil" forms to look different beyond the accessories, so I gave her a different hair color. In greyscale, the hair "color" change is an identical shade of grey for both forms. In color, I would give evil Susan red hair, and good Susan blue hair.

Which I guess could be seen as political, but really, it's just devil-fire-red, and angel-sky-blue, and red and blue often being used for opposing team purposes.

Something I had forgotten was that the first two Fable games went in a more problematic direction by making good = blonde hair, neutral = brown hair, and evil = black hair. I don't think I have to elaborate on the issue, there.

This is something I looked up after someone asked about Susan's hair changing color. I was using hair color change for visual contrast, and a substitute for other changes I didn't want to bother with, like smokey lava skin effects.

My memory was more of characters getting weirdly bright and weirdly shadowy to represent morality, and not hair color changes. Fable 2 gives you the option to dye hair, which I would generally use so fast that I can't clearly recall if I ever knew hair color could be linked to morality in it. I played it enough that it stands to reason I knew, but I don't trust my memory on this one.

So... Yeah. Don't have hair turning blonde be a sign of "moral goodness". You can use it as a power up for aliens in anime, but blue and red hair have to be more powerful in the sequels.