Comic for Thursday, Mar 19, 2020


Posted March 19, 2020 at 12:00 am


Anyway, pardon me while I go and implement a rule in which I avoid conversing with people online or checking news prior to reaching at least a point in comic production in which I can effectively be on autopilot so as to not be derailed so thoroughly mentally that comics are forced to be completely late in the evening.

Autopilots can apply to trains, correct? They're not, like "auto-conductors" or something? Like, a car can have autopilot? Would that be "autodriver"? I guess people just say "self-driving", which seems silly. The car would have to be self-aware to have a "self", so that can't... be... Oh dear lord ARE SELF-DRIVING CARS SENTIENT?! WHAT HAVE WE DONE?! WHO WERE WE TO GIVE CARS LIFE?!

Yeah, you see how easily my brain goes places? It meanders like... A thing... That... Meanders. A tourist in a museum of art? That's not catchy, though. A comparison should be catchy.

Whatever. It's a date. D'aw.

Oh, and there will be a Saturday comic still. That's still a thing.