Comic for Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020


Posted February 12, 2020 at 11:43 pm

Rich and "Bad" Tom are potentially recognizable, but the woman in the background of panel two isn't based on anyone in particular. I wanted one of the people getting ideas to be a woman, but I haven't yet introduced anyone in canon I would want to put in that role, so I just drew someone with wildly asymmetrical hair for fun (as one does).

How Rhoda Met Catalina

Catalina was originally intended to be the Hero of Magic. There was just one problem: I had literally chosen her for no other reason than Rhoda being the Hero of Melee. I had no story in mind, no twists or anything specifically suited for her character, nothing. Zip.

Then I got an idea for another character taking on that role, and I liked the ideas I had for them a lot, but I still wanted this version of Rhoda to meet a version of Catalina.

So now this is happening.

Also, I gave Catalina way over-the-top cat-ear hair, because why not. I'm having fun with hair.