Comic for Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020


Posted January 22, 2020 at 6:48 pm

Hey, at least we're acknowledging that these solutions exist, Susan. Have you ever played Final Fantasy VII? There are all sorts of healing items you can get that characters forget about in cut scenes!

Granted, one could argue "oh, it's a DIFFERENT stone curse", or "that item only revives FAINTED allies", etc, but they didn't properly provide such exposition. Therefore, we all get to be snarky about this forever.

Ragnar the Fled

If you've been reading previous commentaries, you know this character is basically a modern parody of a generic villain I made up as a kid called "RaCnar", not "RaGnar". Ragnar being an actual name that's not attributed to any MMORPG velociraptors that I am aware of, however, I decided to just go with it.

For parody purposes, there's really no need for Ragnar to come back. He's done his job. Part of my quest in this parody is to comment by showing alternatives for, rather than just exaggerations and weird twists on, the source material. Therefore  Rhoda, the hero of melee weaponry that smashes and stabs and such, gets a personal adversary of sorts who'll be back later.

And Susan is just THRILLED about that! YAAAAAY