Comic for Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019


Posted November 20, 2019 at 12:00 am

Wait a minute.

Are you telling me that telling people to drink potions without giving any explanation for what's going to happen is... EVIL?

I mean, in real life, people would have follow up questions and probably just say no, and these are NPCs who just agree to whatever if you use the right expression and they don't have a negative disposition towards you, but still!

Fable 2 actually did have expressions (expressions being things you could do like dancing, playing a lute, burping, etc in front of NPCs) that could impact your morality. I believe playing the lute was considered morally good, which is good to know.

Magic Man

That's Justin in panel 2. Well, an NPC that looks like him, anyway. In any case, that's how a man with some magic might look in this universe, which I wound up labeling, because heck, I wasn't even sure people would be able to tell he's using a Justin asset.

I decided to keep the longer, wavier hair and eyelashes, and to accentuate the upper body a bit with larger shoulders, chest, pecs, and hands.

Tiny Nanase

One might question the apparent lack of an undershirt in panel one, but this is a clever reference to the fact that such clothing appears in game only after the gear on top is fully removed, and how this can create inconsistencies!

For example, in Fallout 3, raider armor might not include a shirt, but once removed, a shirt will mysteriously appear! Silly video games.

Also, I finished that panel before remembering the rules I'd established and didn't want to edit it, but that stuff I said about outfit inconsistencies is real, so it still works!