Comic for Monday, Nov 11, 2019


Posted November 11, 2019 at 2:38 pm

"Chicken Chaser" is a nickname you can have in Fable, I believe you can kick chickens in spite of not being able to kick anything else, the opening cinematic for Fable III involves a chicken, and the game also includes a chicken suit you can wear, which may or may not be necessary for a quest? It's been a while.

Point is, panel three isn't kidding.

Oh no shrinking...!

I worried far too much about how I was going to handle panel two. This was a result of me thinking "oh noes, how do I show this if their gear doesn't shrink with them?"

And then I remembered a) it's magic, it can work that way if I want it to, and b) I'm making fun of video games. It's totally keeping with that for them to default to boxers and such. That won't apply to every game in existence with removable armor and clothing, but it applies to the majority, darn it.

That's also my excuse for Ashley and Grace's hair remaining tied. If you choose a ponytail in character creation, it's like having an actual tail on your head. It's not going anywhere.

Well, in some games you might be able to get haircuts, or wear a hat that'll make it mysteriously vanish, and stuff like that, but you hopefully get what I mean.

Speaking of haircuts in video games, did you know barbers can instantly grow out your hair if that's the style you want? It's true! With no explanation! Which is better than not allowing it, but if someone's going to do that in a science fiction or fantasy game, there may as well be an in-universe explanation. It would be fun.