Comic for Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019


Posted November 6, 2019 at 9:12 pm

There are two reasons I decided to have Tensaided do a sales pitch:

1 - Fun!

2 - I thought it would let me work ahead.

These three panels took me longer than most story comics.

I fail at strategy.

Cosmetic potions

I've mentioned before that curvy = magic in this because I didn't want to imitate what Fable 2 actually does (blue lines that make me think of veins all over your character), and because I knew possibly a few readers might like it, and because I liked the idea even though I had near immediate regrets upon realizing how out of hand it could get given how curvy I made Susan at level two when there are supposed to be five levels.

(Incidentally, here's confirmation that those three Susans in panel one represent each skill one its own at level five.)

Fable 2strangely added potions that could change height and weight, but did nothing about the other two cosmetic things associated with skills. It just seemed weird to give control over that, and not over other cosmetic effects.

A potion you'd think I'd remember

I've been reminded that there was a male-female swap potion in the game, which is something one would expect me to remember. The reason I forgot, however, was that its inclusion horribly done, and I never used it myself.

1 - There's only one such potion.

2 - The game likes to autosave.

3 - You can only have one save per character.

4 - The potion is an easter egg in a location you can only get into late in the game.

So imagine playing the game for hours, stumbling upon this potion, trying it out for fun, switching from male to female or female to male, and being unable to reverse it.

Unless one knows about the potion in advance and have made it the goal of the character to get said potion, that doesn't feel like a fun easter egg to me. That feels like pranking the player. It certainly telegraphs what's going to happen if the potion is drunk, but all the same, I think if it was mishandled.

Now, if they did that, and then the potion was unlocked in potion shops, that would be another matter entirely.