Comic for Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019


Posted April 3, 2019 at 3:48 am

As might be apparent at this point, I'm allowing myself a bit of flexibility when it comes to proportions for the sake of comedy. I'm not 100% it "works" here, but I am certain I like that last panel, so... Mileage will vary?

I found myself strangely determined to establish various particular things about the scales here. I thought it'd be cool if the a person could balance the scales with themselves, reducing one attribute while increasing another, and it also felt important to establish that the scales actually have a whole mess of settings and aren't limited by the symbols that can fit on the wheel.

None of this actually was important to establish, really. Not from any practical story telling standpoint. It just FELT important to me.

Also, though it's not mentioned here, some of the things that can be balanced are likely mental in nature, so someone could probably use the scales to shrink themselves to get better at math.