Comic for Monday, Mar 25, 2019


Posted March 25, 2019 at 12:39 am

As I believe I mentioned in some previous commentary, the scales weren't the original artifact planned, nor was this the original motivation for Diane hiring Nanase. For the record, I like this a lot more, which one might have already guessed on account of it being what I went with.

The original artifact... I can't actually say what it was, because I never got that far. What I did know was what it was going to do.

It had the power to turn any men who remorselessly spread rumors about what they'd done with the women they've dated into women. The "remorselessly" part being key, as feeling remorse would prevent and undo the enchantment.

I'm not sure if it would have just affected men who had spread lies about the woman who activated the artifact, or if it would have kicked off a global event or something. I hadn't sorted out all the details. It seemed wordy to explain, though, and the only real payoff would be Nanase and Sarah not really having any objections to it.

I much prefer Diane having been motivated by Rhoda and Lucy's desires and it all actually being for them, which might be a bit "friendship is magic" for some people, but that's what you get with me at the helm. Yarrr, hard to port! Thar be FRIENDSHIP ahead!