Comic for Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019


Posted January 23, 2019 at 5:29 pm

And here's the full setup. Sorry for the delay, my writing brain wasn't working all that great this last weekend, and I felt I wasn't ready before I'd done some more writing on Monday.

For one thing, there was originally no mention of an "ancient doggy door", which is an absence too terrible to contemplate.

I also wasn't 100% certain how to explain how they'd get started, because Nanase's assuming a LOT, here, and it would probably make a lot more sense if they were somehow told, or figured out via clues, that she'd be able to communicate with Sarah and such while making her way through.

So, of course, I went with the "Nanase just knows how these sort of things go, okay?" explanation.

It seems appropriate.