Comic for Monday, Dec 24, 2018


Posted December 24, 2018 at 3:03 am

There are many RolePlaying Game victory themes out there to choose from, but I imagine many readers will have various things that instantly come to mind for them in that last panel.

The Results

Yes, the skirt is now gone, as are the hair bands that were supposedly giving Nanase those twin ponytails. Nanase is, indeed, down to the swimsuit.

I made the scales as huge as I did so there'd be room for Sarah after suddenly growing back to full size. They would've been big in any case, but if that hadn't been a concern, they'd probably be a liiiiiiiittle smaller.


I'd prefer this without the thought monologue in panel one, but feedback has made clear to me that I didn't draw enough attention to the fact that the left side of the scale is a solid weight, and that the implication was adding weight to the right side to make the two sides even.

I only showed that the left side was a solid mass in one panel, and didn't have anyone mention it after that. As a rule, important details should be repeated, and it's a really important detail that everything about the puzzle suggests "put stuff in the right cup to balance it".