Comic for Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018


Posted December 19, 2018 at 4:02 pm

One might have noticed, but I've been varying Nanase and Sarah's text sizes. What exactly this means is open to interpretation, but my intent was to imply that Sarah had a slightly "shrunken" voice, likely speaking higher pitched than normal and such.

To be fair, though, one might interpret a higher voice as a side effect of Nanase's transformation, so perhaps it's a bit moot of a point.

Raining cookies

Sometimes people joke (hopefully joking, anyway) aboutme of changing things because "people called it". If ever there was a moment I would change due to people calling it, it would be this moment, because SO MANY PEOPLE CALLED IT.

For the record, I don't change things if people call it in advance. I want people to be able to guess things. That's why I foreshadow in the first place. If I don't want people to call things, I don't leave cookie crumbs lying around for them to find. That's really the only reasonable way to make it impossible, and that's usually less fun, because people like cookies.

Speaking of which, you deserve ONE cookie if you called this after the previous comic. If you called this TWO comics ago when the scales were first shown (as at least one person did), however, you deserve TWO cookies.