Comic for Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018


Posted December 5, 2018 at 11:18 pm

And yes, that's Elliot in the last panel.

I was thinking of having Sarah and Nanase find pictures on a wall that would tell them what Elliot reveals, but it was difficult to stage in an EGSNP comic, and awkward to do in general. So they don't get to know, and we get professor mall Elliot.

I also considered having Nanase touch the red parts at one point, and for that to result in cylinders quickly pushing out of the walls and ceiling, pushing Nanase off, and forcing her to get the switch while in midair that way.

Then I thought of how easy it would be for Sarah to accidentally step in the transformation circle and liked that more (and, as an added bonus, it didn't involve drawing a ton of cylinders suddenly app.

Grabbing the switch

After last Friday's commentary, someone brought up the point that just being able to reach the switch was a big deal while in the gecko form, because Nanase's fingers would stick to it.

I find that a good point that I had not considered, but I'm not sure how well it would work. From what I've read of gecko stickiness, the hand should stick. My concern is that it still wouldn't be a strong grip (as in it would be the stickiness of the fingers, and not the force of the grip taking hold), and what "phase two" would be. Would she then have been able to detach her other limbs, drop, and swing the switch to the other side?

I'm not trying to suggest it's a ludicrous idea. I'm very sincerely saying "I don't know if that would work". I don't know if her body weight would make her lose her grip, or if she could swing as needed from that position to fully flip the switch. It seems like it just might be possible?

In any case, please don't anybody test it. I don't know HOW you'd test it, but nothing I'm imagining seems the lease bit safe o__o