Comic for Friday, Nov 2, 2018


Posted November 2, 2018 at 12:00 am

I've taken a bit of inspiration from Harry Potter for this storyline, and no, you're not forgetting some scene in which Harry had to turn into a giant ball in order to solve a puzzle. You MIGHT be thinking of a particular scenario in which ballooning of a sort happened, but I'm not referring to that, either. Do you see Nanase floating? I think NOT!

What I AM referring to, however, is how some characters are just casually familiar with bizarre things and take them in stride, and others are like "omg MAGIC STUFF".

Guess who's used to this sort of transformation puzzle nonsense and who's not. You have three chances, though if you get to the third, it will be the first time ever I tell someone they can't have a cookie.

Unless they really want a cookie. Who am I to stop them? Nobody, that's who.