Comic for Thursday, Mar 17, 2022


Posted March 17, 2022 at 3:14 am

I hadn't originally planned on showing Grace's interpretation of people reacting to her.

What I'd originally intended was simply Grace thinking about how she could tell when people like-liked each other, but was less sure about people being like-liking her, and I'd planned for her to note it wasn't exactly a challenge to tell when some people liked each other (cue reference to Justin in regard to Conan).

And I would like to get back to Justin, but when Grace's train of thought kept going past what I'd planned, I loved her interpretation of why people would blush around her.

I also realized that there have been a lot of moments like that with her and Sarah, and, well...

Grace is VERY fond of Sarah.

EDIT: Almost forgot. I wanted Ellen doing a sort of walk I've seen in anime a lot in which someone has their arms behind their head. Seemed like an Ellen thing to do. Anyway, that's the deal with her pose in the first panel.