Comic for Saturday, Mar 12, 2022


Posted March 12, 2022 at 12:32 am

My dictionary says "NO!" to Grace’s definition, but it ALSO defines flirting as amorous behavior WITHOUT serious intent? As in, it would only be “flirting” if you specifically weren’t interested in something happening.

I've always thought of that as being a type of flirting, not the only type of flirting there is. I'm not sure this is a dictionary definition that reflects common usage.

Not that I think I was going by common usage, either. Prior to looking it up, I came up with this definition as it relates to what Grace was thinking:

"An action that is a manifestation of one's physical and/or romantic attraction to another person, directed at that person, with the desired outcome being reciprocation from that person in some form."

Sounds like a way I would put a thing, doesn't it?

In retrospect, what I wrote doesn't cover a lack of serious intent, which, as I said, is a type of flirting, if not objectively what flirting literally is if accepting certain dictionaries as the judge.

I do think what I wrote covers what Grace was referring to as a possibility. The hypothetical manifestation being a contest with Grace, and the desired reciprocation being Grace enjoying the interaction, and/or being impressed by him.

Notably, it's an interaction, and desired outcome, that could have absolutely nothing to do with any form of physical/romantic attraction. Grace is unsure herself.

In any case, if discussions after the previous comic have taught me anything, flirting can mean literally anything depending on who you ask, and people are terrible at determining whether other people are flirting regardless of the definition used. It's probably best not to assume unless you really know someone well.

And now I'm going to go and hide somewhere, because I never want to discuss the definition of flirting again.